Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Adventures in Flight: Drama Llama

My parents live on a ranch in Colorado. On the neighboring ranch can be seen a llama. It's a lone llama, eating grass alongside horses in the mountains. It's a cute llama, as llamas go, and I enjoy reminding it that its mama is a llama. Mom, on the other hand, calls out to it, “Llama llama ding dong.” Don't judge...I know you talk to animals, too. I'm not sure if this llama has much drama in its life, but I'm willing to bet if there is, it's that damned llama's doing!

Flight attendants often have drama in their lives that for some reason, can make its way into the cabin- or least the galley. I try to avoid drama like fruitcake, but one can't always be successful in doing so. Sometimes, it's just a short little drama story. But every now and then the drama gets more intense.

We have all seen the news report of the flight attendants getting into fisticuffs with one another on a flight overseas, which had to be diverted when it got severe enough. I've never seen the drama reach such lofty heights and I hope I never have to.

Let me out...too much drama!

It was during the boarding process; I was greeting passengers and the purser was in the galley setting things up and preparing pre departure drinks for first class. One woman entered wearing a dark blue dress with white polka dots. I could tell from her bag that she was a flight attendant, so I said a warm hello and invited her to let me know if she needed anything. I always treat my passengers very well, but I also make sure to take great care of my fellow crew.

This woman took a few steps into the aisle and stopped, waiting to reach her seat. The purser stands up and leans in, but in not the quietest tone asks, “Do you see that woman, there? The one in the blue dress?”
“With the polka dots?” I confirm.
“Yes...that one,” she states with venom in her tone.

Ignoring drama
She starts into some story about not knowing her but having a mutual friend (an ex-mutual friend as it turns out) and this woman in the polka dots pulled her line and circled items and tried to turn it in to management, anonymously, which can't be done because they can pull a history trail. Long story short, friends were lost, supervisors were met with, molehills became mountains and here they are all these years later ending up on the same plane together.

I don't get involved in drama. Later, Miss Dots, while smiling, made a comment to me, “I'm sure you heard all about me from the purser...”
“Well, she said something, but I don't do drama. May I get you something to drink?”

Meanwhile, anytime I entered the first class galley, the purser was quick to state, “She gets nothing!” My flying partner in the back was of the same mind. Miss Dots didn't do anything to me. I'm not going to be brought into the middle of their spat, which occurred years ago, and even admittedly from the purser, Miss Dots now regrets ever having gotten involved.

Of the same mind one minute, drama the next. The woman I was working with began her story of drama in her home life. Issues with a mutual friend who is racist but using their service to our country as an excuse and yadda yadda yadda. She droned on for a while and I feigned interest until saved by a call light in the cabin from a woman needing a cup of water.

Chicago 747

Being amongst pretty white horses and grazing on grass in the mountains surely must be a drama-free life. I try to make my life as much like that as possible. I need more mountains and less grazing, but any time I can avoid drama, I do it! You can be the drama llama if you want, but please leave me out...lest you want to get a Christmas fruit cake from Penguin! (And no one wants that!)

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  1. I love your style "molehills became mountains". Haha