Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Adventures in Flight: The Enabler

FA Penguin, at your service

This is how it usually happens; I ask a first class passenger what they would like to drink. They ask what wines we have and after listing them, they find they don't like what we have to offer and instead order a diet coke. I ask, “We went from wine to ordering a diet coke?”

Or the time I asked the young woman on her first trip to Chile along with her husband for her drink order. She asked for orange juice. I comment, “Just orange juice?... nothing more exciting, like a mimosa or a screw driver?”

Or the young college guy on my flight to Buenos Aires, who looked like he wanted to ask me a question as I picked up his dinner tray, from which he'd eaten every morsel. After pressing him, he said he would love a second meal if that was possible. I told him it was quite possible, as we had a few left. Later, during the landing service, I asked if he'd again like a second meal. He smiled wide and nodded, as if I'd offered the keys to Shangri La. It wasn't so much his nice demeanor and smile, all though, that's the quickest way to a flight attendant's heart. I'm an enabler!

Life is short and one has to live it to the fullest before it throws you under the bus. Or in my case, under the plane (although, these days, it's harder to tell the difference between the two judging from those who travel).

I've been an enabler for many years, and it's only intensified after my 2 close calls with death. If there's something you want to do, something you want to try, something you want to experience, I say, get out there and do, try or experience while you still can! You're never promised tomorrow.

One of the things I enjoy about being a flight attendant is being part of people's life adventure. I deliver passengers to weddings, to vacations, to job interviews and even funerals. Travel is such a rich experience. Some of us get to do it all the time. Others, only once in a while. I strive to do my best at making sure people who need it, can have a memorable experience while on board the aircraft.

Some of the girls going to PVR
Just a few days ago, I was flying to Puerto Vallarta. On board were 10 attractive young ladies, all wearing identical tee shirts, all quite vibrant and happy. One asked if she could buy all the ladies in the group a drink; all 10 of them. I said, certainly! What's the occasion? They were all friends of passenger18A, who was about to get married, but not before this bachelorette party let them loose on the Mexican beach resort. I asked what the men were doing. They were all taking a cruise! “You guys know how to do things right!” I told them.

The rock star life in Lima
Currently, I'm writing this from Lima, Peru, where I dined on Peruvian dishes for both lunch and dinner in the hotel executive lounge. Last night, after arriving to our swank hotel, I enjoyed a few Pisco sours at the casino bar with some of my crew. I am enjoying the view over the Pacific ocean from my 15th floor room. I live like a rock star! I could never afford such a lifestyle without this job; staying in deluxe hotels all around the world, meeting fun people, working with great crews and trying local dishes and drinks. I truly am wealthy for my life, my friends and my family. 

I don't care about your diet, I'll offer you dessert. I don't care about your beliefs, I'll tempt you with sin. I don't care about your conservative ways, I'm going to keep having fun, and go sliding into my grave sideways, shouting for joy! I just want you to accompany me. Not in the grave part, but in having fun getting there!

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